About Us

Welcome to Cheeky Chunk

We believe in doing stuff that hasn't been done before. We love rains. We love doodles. We aim at making your monsoons brighter and your smiles wider. 

Our brand kicked off in 2014 when Pratik Doshi, a 22 year old from Mumbai decided to implement his unique idea of selling designer umbrellas.Umbrellas, until then, were mainly black and floral. He wanted to see colorful doodles of wada pav, chai, paper boats, baarish and everything that connects one to the rains.

And thus, Cheeky Chunk was born. 

After intense research, quality checking and innumerable drafts of designs, we make the finest quality umbrellas. All we want to do is to make sure that you #standout

We've sold thousands of umbrellas over the last 2 years and your love has reaffirmed our faith in the power of unique ideas. 

Where others thought of just a utility, we imagined a fashion statement. And it worked :)


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